PyHawaii's first Meetup - a huge success!

Our first PyHawaii session was a huge success: we had 38 attendees of from across Hawaii who engaged in several activities:
* Padawan Track - training for absolute beginners with plenty of hands-on, interactive learning opportunities.
* Puzzles - a set of challenges to solve using Python - get your geek on!
* General engagement - good conversation, new friendships, sharing of news, techniques, tradecraft

We are excited to host future meetups. Right now, the next meetup will be courtesy of our friend Jeff and will be hosted at ProtoHub. See this link for some additional details.

Beyond that, we are closing in on several other meetups, looking at places and topics.

Much to our chagrin, we ran into two problems at the location of our last meetup:
* the WiFi at the location, unbeknownst to us, shuts down at a set time each day... but we persevered and got folks back online using cell phones as hot spots
* the projector died mid-session, so we finished off the Padawan Track using online slides versus projected slides

As we hunt for a venue that is more computer geek friendly (i.e. doesn't shut down their wi-fi) we will keep you posted.

As we finalize the topics, we will let you know.

If you want to present a talk, wish to hear/learn something in particular, please reach out, we are happy to hear your thoughts!

pyhawaii808 (at)

More news to come, so stay tuned.

- Chalmer
PyHawaii, Python in Honolulu and across the Pacific

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