Hello everybody!

Welcome to PyHawaii! If you're reading this and you've heard of us, congratulations because you're part of the rapidly growing Hawaiian coding community. We're glad you can join us.

First, introductions. Who are we? We are, at the moment, a rotating cast of coders of all ages and of various professional backgrounds who have all come together to create a PyCommunity in Hawaii. Python, and coding in general, is an amazing, very low-cost way to create almost anything on a computer, to make your voice heard globally, and to solve a vast number of day-to-day and not-so-day-to-day problems both individually and in society. We believe the more heads we bring together and the more people learn to code, the more easily we can transform our community, Hawaii, and the world in general for the better.

So what can you find on this website? First of all, a schedule for all our meetups as well as for other relevant and significant events on Oahu. As we grow, we'll include events on other islands as well. You'll also get to learn more about us in detail in the "About us" and "Contact" pages above. To the right, you'll see our Twitter feed on which we'll feed you even more coding awesomeness. Below that, you'll see a bunch of relevant links to both help you learn coding as well as expand on what you already know to include other languages, other projects, and to help you meet other coders all over the world.

Most of all, we're about fun and community. Come together, be friendly, share your code and your frustrations with it, and grow together. You know, aloha.

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