Ria Baldevia

Inspired by JythonMusic, Ria is determined to play classical music (Beethoven) using Python. She was introduced to PyHawaii at a local tech meet-up where the Dark Lord of Python led a Python discussion. She figured that Python would help improve her research capabilities. She enjoys playing with Google Trends and exploring Wikimedia data dumps. Some of her research interests include: socially generated data during election cycles, the role of time in search behavior, predictive modeling and search engine marketing. In her past life, she dabbled in the political realm as the director of a presidential campaign's state team and managed the local social media accounts and voter/likely supporter database. She also served as a digital & analytics manager at a state-based Affordable Care Act (ACA) health exchange in her previous life. She's a curious cat...still has nine lives. She wants to learn Python.

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