Chalmer Lowe

Chalmer serves as:

  • The Lead Instructor in his programming school: The Dark Art of Coding.
  • The Chairman for the annual Python Education Summit at the Annual Python Conference (PYCON). 
  • A consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton
  • A coach and mentor for a Cyber Patriots team
  • Past mentor for a FIRST Robotics team

Much of his daily work is focused on using Python for data analysis and on coaching and mentoring analysts in the use of Python and other programming languages.

He has 20+ years of experience in teaching and mentoring on a variety of topics, including programming, computer science, computer network defense and exploitation, FIRST robotics, Boy Scouts, religious studies and other technical and non-technical topics both one-on-one and in club, business and collegiate settings for youth and adults.

You can reach Chalmer at

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