Sandeep Abraham

Sandeep in his maddest of mad scientist whimsy wants to believe that he can some day turn the world into one massive pulsating brain, using nothing but the Internet, a few lines of code, and his plucky attitude. He spent his more hormonal years picking up hacks, tweaks, and script tricks on geek forums, waging war on Vista before linking up with Linux, and finally becoming an OS X Maverick. He wanted to play in the big leagues so he hit the books, and after hours of dry reading, Khan Academy classes, and a brief ill-advised foray into “Assembly Languages for Beginners,” he met the Dark Lord of Python – who showed him the light. Though he has a background in journalism, his current interests include predictive modeling of data movement and clusters, burgeoning space technology, transhumanism, and information security, particularly as they involve Python and OOP. Oh, and that whole planetary brain thing.

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